Wednesday, 27 February 2008

The Word Artist

My friend Chandramohan (Chand) sends me an email, congratulating me for starting a blog. Apparently, he has read all the posts meticulously, because he had some good suggestions how to make them more interesting.

Chand works for a software company in Chennai. If you ask me, he is wasted in that industry. Chand should have been a writer. He would also make an excellent blogger. One, he can write beautifully. Two, he has a fantastic sense of humor; and three, he has a wide range of interests that span the full spectrum from sports to literature to world affairs!

Here is an excerpt from another e-mail he sent me recently:

I came across a news item recently which made me take a nostalgic trip to the Trivandrum of the 1970s. The news was regarding the imminent closure of the British Council. I used to look forward to going to the Council. In those days, before one had the television invasion into one's homes, the library was a welcome window into the outside world. The newspapers used to be a week old, but everything in life being relative, they still had an immediacy which was appealing……

The only irritant at the library used to be the rather overbearing attitude of the staff especially when it came to examining returned books and magazines. Possibly they thought the writ of the Raj still held or maybe it was just the behavior of some of my fellow members who were prone to demonstrating their surgical skills using an ordinary razor blade - evidenced by the absence of some of the more colorful pictures in the photography magazines.

Well those were the days when one went in search of news whereas today we are bombarded with information from all conceivable channels…

Hopefully, this post will encourage Chand and a number of my friends who are also readers of this blog, to start blogs of their own.

The more the merrier!


Anonymous said...

Rada - This is a really ingenious idea to get your friends to wake up from their slumber and start posting on your blog ! "The sweetest sound of all is praise" says an old Greek quotation and I would hardly disagree with the adage. Thank you for the kind words, my friend. I would be delighted, though, if my writings can actually measure upto the sentiments you have so generously expressed.

rgds - Chand

govind paliath said...

Chand was eagerly awaiting this post! Im sure hel be mighty pleased!lol . . .i doubt if this will inspire him to write though . . i gues chand considers writing to be one of those harmless foibles to which everyone is entitled!nothing more, nothing less.

Ravi said...

Your blog with your inimitable style and dry wit served cold serves the purpose, what is the point with many people starting blogs? Then it would be too many,...this works fine for me and now I'm hooked and I just wish that you would write more often on many more varied topics :-), like R.K Lakshman would do in his cartoons,, or for that matter remember BUSYBEE and his daily column in the venings news!

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