Tuesday, 1 September 2009

A Century of Posts: 1

Once I publish a blog post, I rarely go back and read it again.

But now that “Stepping Sideways” has completed a century of posts, I felt it is as good an occasion as any, to go through the archives and provide a link to those posts which, on re-reading, still managed to raise a chuckle. Pretty much narcissistic, you may say and I shall not demur. But, what the hell! Here are the links to six old posts that made me smile. In the next post, I will provide links to six more.

Modesty is my middle name, by the way.

The Missing Passport
It is well past midnight and all inmates of our bachelors’ pad in Vile Parle are fast asleep. An alarm goes off, but is quickly smothered after the first ring itself. My friend Moni gets up reluctantly and tiptoes softly to the toilet. Silently he finishes his shave, showers, sprays an expensive deodorant all over his body, gets into a freshly-laundered pair of trousers and puts on a spotless, white shirt...

Unsaintly Thoughts
A letter has come from the Rajneesh Ashram, enquiring about a product that the company markets. I am asked to go and make a sales presentation...

The Mumbai Local
Travelling in overcrowded suburban trains of Bombay forces you to learn many skills. Reading a broadsheet newspaper such as The Times of India holding onto an overhead strap with one hand in a swaying train compartment where people are packed in like sardines, is one of them...

Joshua’s Mumbai
Rakesh, by the way, is quite normal, compared to some of my other friends who have populated these blog posts off and on. Granted, there was that brief period in early 1990s when he declared undying allegiance to the state of Israel and started calling himself Joshua...

In Praise of the Beard
I have been having a beard for over two decades now. Many are the people I have misled into thinking of me as an intelligent, erudite, caring, sensitive human being by the sole virtue of my beard. Likewise, many are the sticky situations I have got out of with Houdini-like adroitness, by simply stroking my beard and looking thoughtful...

Ravan and the Cable Guy
Ravan explodes from his chair, draws himself to his full height and unships a few choice epithets in Hindi and Marathi, outlining the cable owner’s doubtful paternity, his unsavoury relationship with his sister, and his abject inability to satisfy his wife in bed...

Image Courtesy: www.gamespot.com


sreekumar said...

well done, centurion. here's to many more

Vatsa said...

Congrats on your century. Cheers Vatsa

Cynic in Wonderland said...

congratulations! here's too many centuries more.

and of course you need to link all old posts - narcissim is a prerequisite for blogging no? Else why would one be writing about oneself in the first place no?

Rada said...

@ Thank you, Saar!, Thengyu very much.

@ Vatsa: Thank you, Vatsa!

@ Cynic: Where were you all these days, Child? Missed you.


You are right. We bloggers are such pathetic creatures in a way, forever fishing for stray morsels of compliments, aren't we? :-)

gauri said...

Congratulations on the 100! A milestone indeed! :)


Thiruvengadam said...

Hearty Congrats on attaining this feat! I thoroughly enjoy your posts. Thanks for the links to some of the gems from the past. And I am sure there are many more to come by.

Maddy said...

great job rada - now start clocking up to the next hundred, more of such interesting anecdotes are on order..

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